Prof. Dr. Luca Comai


[ Professor at the Genome Center in University of California, Davis, USA ]

Dr. Luca Comai Ph.D., serves as Science Director of Targeted Growth, Inc. and co-founded it in 1998. Dr. Comai serves as Professor in the Department of Botany, University of Washington. He combines extensive practical industrial experience with outstanding research capability. He is a professor at the Genome Center in University of California, Davis. He is known for his pioneering work creating glyphosate tolerant crops. Dr. Comai served as founding scientist of Calgene, Inc. Dr. Comai also served as Principal Scientist and Senior Scientist for eight years, until Calgene was acquired by Monsanto. He serves as a Member of Scientific Advisory Board at Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. His team was the first to transform a woody species-poplar-using agro bacterium. A patent awarded to Dr. Comai in 1985 is the basis for Monsanto’s highly successful herbicide-resistant varieties. Dr. Comai holds four additional patents in plant-based biotechnology.

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Research interests:
– Genetics and function of plant chromosomes
– Study how hybridization, chromosome number and type affect gene regulation, development and genome evolution
– Investigating the role of Centromeric Histone 3 in centromere function
– Developing improved methods for TILLING to efficiently discover mutations in plant genes